CAN Controller's verilog,VHDL Source code,Testdench

CAN Controller's verilog,VHDL Source code,Testdench .

CAN Protocol Controller: Overview

Other project properties

Category :: Communication controller
Standard :: Wishbone compliant core
Development status :: Stable


Controller Area Network or CAN is a control network protocol from
Bosch that has found wide use in Industrial Automation and the
Automotive Industry.

Most of the patents of CAN are owned by Bosch and although there
are no restictions on developing an opensource CAN IP but for any
commercial use the protocol license from Bosch is an indispensable prerequisite.

Size is approximately 12k gates (930 flip-flops).

Block Diagram


  • Non-Destructive bit-wise arbitration (CSMA/CA)
  • Message Based Addressing/Filtering
  • Broadcast Communication
  • 1 Mbit/Sec Operation
  • WISHBONE SoC interface
  • 8051 interface
  • SJA1000 (Philips) compatible interface.

Source & Test Bench

  • Verilog Source Code finished (tested in HW and verified with the Bosch VHDL Reference System)
  • Verilog Test Bench